From our High School, We Support Malala.さんせいします!

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Our Info:We are a large high school located in Ibaraki Prefecture Japan, not too far North of Tokyo in the Kanto region of Japan. My is Chaz Barracks and I am from Connecticut, USA, now living in Japan as a JET English Teacher. My students are 3rd years in high school and vary in English level. Although we learn a lot about different cultures and world travel, it's not often my students get a chance to engage in issue based lessons such as this so we welcomed the opportunity. I also teach a few towns over at an all girls school and we have just begun conversation in our debate class about girls rights to education and how that relates to the Malala story. Along with the help of my Japanese Teacher of English (JTE) colleague, we relayed the story to students in our senior year English Class, they were asked to read about the story and interpret their feelings to the class. Please have a look at messages in support of the Malala Project.

Class Activity:
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  • Co-Ed Class (Tokai city): as an ice-breaker, all female students were asked to stand and be silent. We told them that imagine all girls were not allowed to be in school from today onward. Then while the girls remained quiet we asked the boys to take a vote on whether this was fair or unfair. Everyone voted "unfair" so with telling the recent occurrences of Malala we begin to access why this was unfair and whether or not we support Malala's beliefs...
  • All Girls Class (Hitachi city): This lesson allowed to learn many things about our students thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about equal education.

In the end of the discussion, students were given a blank sheet of paper and asked to interpret their feelings in this issue in both English and Japanese. Below are photo's of their thoughts and reflections.

What We Translated From The Malala Project:
Our goal was to provide the students with the facts of the story and the events. Then, once we confirmed that as a class we understood what happened to Malala and some of the reasons why such tragedies from certain beliefs and bias's occur, we gave the students the remainder of the period to express their thoughts about equal education.On this wiki I'll post some of the papers the students handed in as well as some of their written opinions translated form Japanese to English.

Students Words:
  • "School is necessary to learn how to live life as an adult."
  • "I will appear in society, the world, and future. At this time I need to learn at school".
  • "I think for living life, educations rights should be given and no relation to gender."

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