The Malala ProjectA Global Classroom Project

Source: The Huffington Post
Source: The Huffington Post

About this Project

We would like teachers to share Malala’s story and what she was fighting for: the right for girls to go to school and be educated and the right for freedom of speech in sharing her truth. We know this can be a sensitive topic for young children and know that teachers need to present the violence of it all in a developmentally appropriate way. However, we believe, her story needs to be told. We do not want violence to be the silencer in what is right.

Get Involved

We would like classrooms to send us a picture or short video of 2 minutes or less of students supporting Malala’s cause – a song, artwork, posters, whatever creative way they can think of showing the world believes that ALL girls deserve the right to go to school.

1. Visit this link and add your information:

2. You can post your videos and pictures on this wiki - creating a page for your class.

Class from Taiwan working on the Malala Project:

Malala-2012-10-26 (2) Class in Taiwan.jpg
We would love to take everyone's videos and pictures and create a "mashup" to send to Malala and her family, and possibly other sites to show our support.

Please know that this is a work in progress! We would love to hear your suggestions and feedback. Feel free to email me with your thoughts or your questions. My name is Heidi Hutchison at

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